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101 Misleading results from Vivisection Animal Experiments

69: nine SPecies Fails to Predict Liver Damage

Evicromil (code name FPL 52757) was submitted for clinical trial as an antiasthmatic drug following safety evaluation in mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, squirrel monkeys, cynomolgus monkeys, stump-tail monkeys and baboons. Despite using doses many times greater than the amount intended for human use, no harmful effects were seen, especially with respect to the liver.(1) Yet 20% of patients participating in the trial had symptoms of liver damage, precluding any further development of the drug.(2) Subsequent tests showed that liver toxicity could only be induced in dogs.(1,2)


) D.V.Parke in Animals & Alternatives in Toxicity Testing, Eds. M.Balls et al (Academic Press, 1983).
2) C.T.Eason et al, Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology, 1990, vol.11, 288-307.

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