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101 Misleading results from Vivisection Animal Experiments

77: Lab Rats Raise False Fears Over Water Treatment

Widespread fluoridation is thought to be a key factor in the decline of dental caries, and originated from a dentist's observation that children with mottled teeth, caused by a naturally high concentration of fluoride in the water supply, seemed to have less tooth decay than usual.(1) Although fluoride has been added to public water supplies for over 3 decades with apparently no ill effects,(2) experiments with laboratory rats raised concerns that it may cause cancer.(3) The findings prompted an in-depth analysis of over 50 human health studies conducted over the previous 40 years. The resulting report by America's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) found no evidence of a link with cancer and gave fluoride the "all-clear"

Animal tests have indicated other harmful effects of fluoride but the DHHS report notes that sensitivity to fluoride varies widely between species, making results difficult to apply to humans.(4)


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