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(4) Foundation for Biomedical Research advertisement. Such propaganda is being challenged by medical professionals as blatantly misleading.

In fact, it is not animal research but human studies to which we are chiefly indebted for the improvement in life expectancy. During the 19th century diseases which had plagued the human race for centuries still took a massive toll of victims. Epidemics of typhoid, tuberculosis, whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria and many others were a feared and common occurrence. In developed nations like Britain and the United States, it was the virtual eradication of these infections that proved almost exclusively responsible for the decline in mortality and corresponding increase in life expectancy. And it is to social reformers such as Edwin Chadwick in Britain and Lemuel Shattuck in the United States that we owe the impetus to better health.

Lemuel Shattuck
Edwin Chadwick

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(4)America’s Lemuel Shattuck
(left) and Britain’s Edwin Chadwick championed public health measures which virtually eradicated deaths from the common infectious diseases.


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