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1: Animals and Weapons Research Testing

Click to Enlarge: Animals and Weapons Research Inevitably, the most secret use of animals is in the field of weapons research. Nevertheless, it is known that animals are subjected to radiation, chemical and biological weapons, a well as conventional ballistic weapons. Reports from Scientific journals reveal how the Chemical defence Establishment Laboratories at Porton Down, England, tested C.S. riot control gas on animals; exposed monkeys and other animals to nerve gas with horrifying results; shot monkeys through the head with ball bearings to investigate the effects of high velocity missiles.

A typical defence of such tests is that they are for 'defensive reasons', but in fact the results can always be used for 'offensive' purposes. The usual justification for experiments in which animals are deliberately wounded is that battle injuries can be better treated, but human beings and animals are physiologically different so such tests can be irrelevant. In any case, it is well known that during times of war surgical techniques develop rapidly because doctors must instantly apply their skills to the wide range of injuries which may arise.

The suffering which human beings inflict upon each other during the course of war is the responsibility of the human species alone, and there can be no justification for the pain inflicted upon other animals to test way of harming and destroying ourselves.


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