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If the walls of animal testing research laboratories were made of glass and the public could look in and see what was happening there would be an unparalleled avalanche of protest against the authorities which allow the legal torture of dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, mice, rats, guinea pigs, horses, rabbits and other animals

In obtaining vital photographic evidence of laboratory cruelty, Brian Gunn has penetrated the veil of secrecy which shrouds animal testing in laboratories all over the world. During the course of his daring undercover work he has both been threatened and badly beaten up.

His thought-provoking photographs and investigative Reports on animal testing and vivisection have won many awards. Brian Gunn's iconic animal testing pictures are extensively used on TV, the internet and in newspapers, films and magazines throughout the world.

Brian Gunn is Secretary General of the International Association Agaisnt Painful Experiments on Animals (IAAPEA) and a Non-Governmental Officer at the United Nations.

Graphic images of animal testing, vivisection and animal experimentation are shown.

Please do not enter if you are either a minor, or might be offended by such material.

Follow the links below to see animal experimentation testing images which the researchers tried to censor!.

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